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KiwiColour® is our pre-painted range of steel products developed specifically to withstand the higher levels of UV and salt air in the New Zealand environment.

KiwiColour® combines form, function and durability to meet your design  and project requirements from  roofing products and rainwater systems through to building cladding and interior.

KiwiColour® opens  a vast  world of design possibilities for architects, product designers and manufacturers in an extensive range of colours available on our colour charts.

KiwiColour® ensures a superior, longer lasting finish to steel products and is available in three paint finishes; Vitor+, Zenex+, and Lux, depending on your environmental and aesthetic requirements.


Vitor+ has a highly durable coating designed to give maximum colour retention and high formability. Utilising a prime advanced polyester paint system with a minimum AZ150 coating, Vitor+ products are for intended use in moderate and severe environments at least 100m from the coast.

The whole Vitor+ colour range is available in 0.40mm base metal thickness. Selected colours are availble in 0.55 base metal thickness, with others by enquiry.


Vitor+ZX offers extremely high durability and formability, outstanding gloss and colour retention while providing the ultimate in weather and chemical resistance as a result of exceptional molecular bond strength & AZ200 coating. Vitor+ZX products are ideal for very severe marine environments at least 50m from the coast.


Lux is a revolutionary and elegant new product that opens up a world of design possibilities for architects, product designers and manufacturers. Lux consists of a steel base, with a zinc aluminium coating (45% zinc and 55% aluminium alloy) to a nominal mass of 200g/m2.

Lux utilizes PVDF paint technology ensuring that it will withstand even the toughest of marine and industrial environments. The pre-painted and printed finishes are applied through a three-bake process, further enhancing durability and corrosion resistance.

Lux is a self-cleaning, grade-one flame retardant material with a luxurious finish that is sure to surpass your expectations.