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Roofing Specialists in

The Wellington Region

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022 395 5676

Roof Replacement

Is your roof looking a bit tired?

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Project Management

We can also offer general building services including plastering, home maintenance and repairs.

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Roof Maintenance

We offer re-screws, re-pointing, moss removal, rust removal, identification of leaks and provide a fast and complete fix.

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Gutters & Spouting

Damaged or leaking gutters and downpipes?

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Butynol Membrane Repair

Butynol is used as a single layer membrane in horizontal or vertical applications for waterproofing decks, roofs and gutters. It is primarily applied to the outside of a sub-structure of a building to prevent water ingress.
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Chimney Removal

We can either completely remove or reduce the height of your chimney to a safer level to help reduce the risk of damage or injury in natural disasters.
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Traffigard Membrane Applicators

Traffigard membrane process incorporates chopped strand fibreglass matt in Traffigard resins, produce a durable and trafficable continuous membrane.

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Installation of Insulation

We can help you achieve a warmer, drier, more comfortable home – as well as potential increased energy savings through the installation of insulation.

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Skylight Repairs & Installation

Skylights can add a tonne of light into a dark space which you may want to open up.
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Kimiora School, Lower Hutt

Alex responded really quickly to our call and was very professional. We’re very happy with the work done.

Stelious Home Owner, Mt Cook

Happy with the team at Newton Roofing. Were good with coming to quote and scheduling in the work. All looks to have been done to a high standard. Thanks.

Homeowner, Kelburn

Alex was very responsive and provided great communication while ensuring a professional job was done. Great to deal with!

Lisa, Kelson

Team of lovely guys. Punctual, polite, good communication and hard workers. I am definitely using them again on another job in the future.

Suzanne & Troy

Hi Alex & Emma

Just wanted to say thanks again to you guys and your team for a great job on the new roof at Hereford – the builder’s report specifically mentioned that it has been installed and detailed to a high standard – well done.

We’re pretty happy with the finished product:


Thanks again

Regards, Suzanne & Troy

Bernice, Upper Hutt

They also replaced the roof and did a fantastic job. Weather wasn’t on their side but they did a great job 🙂 highly recommend.
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