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Roof Maintenance

Leaks from the ceiling are a sign of poor roof maintenance.

Maintenance is the best form of prevention.

Protect your asset for years to come, by scheduling regular roof maintenance. Rather than leaving the roof until it needs to be repaired, we recommend you spend a little now to keep it in tip-top shape.

There is nothing worse as a homeowner than having water coming in when it rains. It doesn’t always come via the ceiling either! Water tends to ‘track’, travelling along parts of the building and appearing in unlikely places such as window or door frames. If your home has sprung a leak and you are having trouble identifying where it is coming from, give us a call! We specialise in identifying and repairing leaky roofs.

Roof Maintenance Facts

Fact number 1
Do you live in sight distance of the sea? If you have an iron roof, you might want to consider yearly salt washes to prolong the life of your roof.
Fact number 2
If you have a tiled roof, keeping it moss and mould free is very important. If moss builds up between tiles, it can wedge them apart, letting water into the roof space. Get the mould and lichen regularly removed to ensure your roof space stays dry and warm.
Fact number 3
Tired roof? If your iron or tile roof is looking worn and faded, you may be able to restore it to its former glory by merely having it cleaned and repainted.
Fact number 4
Water can be getting in silently for months, even years before you notice anything, so it is imperative that you call us as soon as you see a leak. The sooner we fix the problem, the less it will cost you in the long run.
Fact number 5
Leaving a leaky roof unattended can cause both superficial and costly structural damage to the framing of your home.
Fact number 6
Water getting inside your house and making it damp can cause mould and mildew build up and affect those with asthma and allergies. A wet home is also costly to heat!
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