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Traffigard Membrane Applicators

We provide professional resin applications to protect your roof.

A specialist job that needs to be carried out by trained professionals.


Traffigard is a great product, similar, but cheaper (in most cases) than Butynol membrane. Rather than coming in pre-made sheets, it is a liquid resin that is painted on. This means it is highly versatile and can be used in a number of ways (under tiling, roofing, gutter lining, shower walls and bases). Made from chopped strand fibreglass matt in specialised Traffigard resins, this product produces a durable and trafficable continuous membrane.

Because of the nature of application, it is imperative that you hire an experienced Traffigard professional to apply this product to your roof, or other area of your property.

Traffigard Membrane Facts

Fact number 1
As it is painted on, the Traffigard system gives you a continuous membrane with no seams or joins. Meaning there is less chance of a leak and it is an economical choice which produces very little waste.
Fact number 2
The product is non-hazardous and the liquid application has no smell, produces no fumes, and is not installed with a torch, or by using a flame of any kind.
Fact number 3
The membrane has proven to be so watertight and strong when applied correctly, that it is used to line water tanks and water features!
Fact number 4
Guaranteed for 15 years by the manufacturer when applied by a trained professional.
Our resin application services are available across Wellington.


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