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Chimney Removal

We specialise in professional chimney removals.

Don’t leave it to mother nature to decide when your chimney will come down.

Old chimneys, specifically made from concrete or brick, are a dangerous hazard. In a storm or earthquake, they can come crashing down damaging your house, property, or worst of all, someone could get seriously hurt. If you have an old chimney, we can remove or replace it to make your property a safer place.

Talk to us today about an option that will suit.

Chimney Removal Facts

Fact number 1
Over time, rigid brick and concrete chimneys develop hairline cracks from thermal expansion (heat from the sun + cold winter nights), this combined with strong winds and earthquakes gradually weakens the structure until it is no longer safe to leave it to its own devices. (You might be very surprised to see just how much your old chimney sways in the wind next time there is a storm! If you decide to check it out, make sure you view it from a safe distance!)
Fact number 2
Falling chimneys have been responsible for a number of serious injuries and deaths during earthquakes and storms in New Zealand.
Fact number 3
We can replace your brick/concrete chimney with one that is light and strong, so you can still use your fireplace as normal should you wish.
Fact number 4
If you choose to have your chimney completely removed, we will patch the hole where it was to ensure your roof is watertight and still looks great!
Need a chimney removed? Our services are available across Wellington.


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