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Butynol Membrane Repair & Replacement

We can provide installation and repair services for rooftop waterproofing.

Get it done right the first time.

Butynol membrane is a synthetic butyl rubber waterproofing membrane with properties that resist ageing from heat, sunlight and ozone. This product is a fantastic solution for a roof with little to no pitch, but you need to ensure you are getting it done by people who know exactly how to install it, or you could end up with a big leaky problem on your hands.

If you have a butynol membrane roof that is causing problems, you’ve come to the right place. Our skilled crew know exactly the level of care attention that is required to properly repair or replace your worn/damaged membrane roof.

Butynol Membrane Facts

Fact number 1
When installed correctly, Butynol membrane is a hardwearing roof cover that remains stable throughout its useable life (upwards of 20 years!)
Fact number 2
Butynol membrane stands up to New Zealand’s unique weather; resisting damage from UV, wind, and freezing temperatures.
Fact number 3
Butynol membrane is a great product to use when you have a flat roof, or a roof with very little pitch.
We provide butynol membrane services across Wellington.